September 2021 Reflection


This past Saturday (9/11), Cathy and I were in our backyard, with our laptop open to Zoom, with our friends in the several boxes that stretched across the screen. We had gathered virtually to pray with each other, for the world, for all those in need. We began with a blessing in recognition of the seven directions. Yes, seven directions!  It was magical, seriously! As we began, a cardinal settled down on the bird feeder behind us, and hopped around our yard during the entire prayer. When we turned to the North, a hummingbird busied himself at the flowers in our garden. When we turned to the South, a high altitude plane turned into the setting sun, becoming a silver streak high in the sky, beautiful to behold!  It was amazing! Hit on “read more” below and find the prayer.

If you do it, stand outside, figure out where East is, and get ready for the magical things that might happen!


We turn to the East, the direction of the rising sun, new beginnings, Spring Time and the element of Fire. We thank you Sacred Mystery for how you are revealed through the wild mercy of every morning, when the sun, our guiding light, warming fire, and inspiration for a new day rises yet again. We bow to the East in gratitude and honor for this new day, and all the wisdom within this eastern direction.


We turn to the South, the direction of the powerful sun in its full force, summer time, growing awareness, and the element of the warming and fecund earth. We thank you Sacred Mystery for how you are revealed through Earth, the place from which life is seeded and grown. We bow to the South in gratitude and honor for the work of this day, the particular purpose for which we each have been created, and all the wisdom within this southern direction, a wisdom that is available to us.


We turn to the West, the direction of the setting sun, courage and introspection, becoming and belonging, autumn and the element of water. We bow to the West in gratitude and honor for another day well-lived, and as the sun sets below the horizon, and yellowed leaves fall to Earth, we lean into the grace and wisdom of what it is for us when we let go and allow ourselves to be in the Flow.


We turn to the North, the direction of the sun at its coldest (and darkest), sage knowing of the elders, winter time, and the element of Air. We thank you Sacred Mystery for how you are revealed through air, breath, and wind—that you blow wisdom through the winter-time air like a generational seed, that will become planted in the coming months of spring. We bow to the North in gratitude and honor for the cover and quiet of night, for the inspiration of dreams, and for the much-needed sacred rhythm of dormancy and dark.


We reach out to the cosmos, the home of the planets, stars, and galaxies; the creative cosmic reach of the Divine Spirit who flared all things forth. We thank you Sacred Mystery for how you are revealed through the principles of the universe: diversity, interiority and communion. We expand our reach upwards remembering and reclaiming our at-oneness- with all beings —in the sacred community of expansive life.


We reach down to Earth, the holy humus from which all planetary life is derived. Here we humbly acknowledge the revelatory nature of our planet. Here we acknowledge that we are each guests upon the lands of host peoples, indigenous communities who have been living upon these various lands for time memorial. We acknowledge that we live and work upon the unceded territory of indigenous people, a people who have been here, are here, and will continue into the future with their wisdom and worldviews —may that our presence of acknowledgment and gratitude be an honor to these host people. We acknowledge the inherent dignity of all beings and the divine presence that is made manifest through Earth and all her regulating systems. We bow to the ensouled Earth in gratitude and reciprocity.


We place our hands on our hearts, honoring the divine spark in our core, the presence of the holy within that honors the holy throughout. We thank you Sacred Mystery for your light, power, wisdom and guidance that you placed within each of us.

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A blessed autumn on you and your loved ones.


Mark Doorley, Ph.D.

Chair, CFET Board of Trustees