Art Will Save Us!

A great friend of CFET and Sacred Heart Church is an artistsnamed Othmar Carli. He is no longer with us, but his creative talent adorns the walls of Sacred Heart Church were he restored the 19th century oil paintings that hang high on the ceiling. He also bequeathed to all the members of the Waterfront South community a love of art and beauty!  He always said “Art Will Save Us.” The annual Hearts & Hands Festival is an extraordinary annual event where art is celebrated. Another artist, whose studio is in Waterfront South, is Br. Mickey McGrath, a world renown artist. His watercolors, illustrated texts and sketches have inspired many around the world. Last Spring, around Easter time, Br. Mickey did some water colors of scenes around the Emerald Street Garden of CFET. We will be making three of them available for a fundraiser, more precisely, a raffle.  More details to follow, but I wanted you to see one of them. This is called “the Farm Market.”.

There are two more, equally unique and beautiful, water colors. The winners of each will receive the art work ready to be put in a frame.

Keep your eyes out for another email with details on the raffle.  Not only do we celebrate the beauty of CFET’s gardens in these works, but the raffle will contribute to our efforts to educate and inspire people to live more gently on the planet!


Mark Doorley, Chair
Board of Trustees