A Poem by CFET Youth

Industry says we’re good for the community and we create jobs.  –Carolina

Yet, The neighborhood says that the industrial booms keep us up at night, the trucks block our streets, the trash piles grow bigger and the stenches you make keep us from going outside. 

We say you benefit the minority, but hurt the majority, your damages you caused don’t outweigh the good you’ve done. 


Industry says we pollute within our legal limits. – Anthony

Yet, The neighborhood says our children have significantly higher rates of asthma.

We say 25 industries polluting within their limits adds up to more than something we as a community should have to bear.


Industry says it takes a lot of money to do the right thing. –Marquan 

Yet, The neighborhood says the city gave you multi-million dollar tax breaks just to move in.

We say who’s going to pay our hospital bills when the people in poverty bear the front of it, after you’re the one that contributed to it. 


Industry says we never thought about the neighborhood, we thought about the customers. –Katelyn

Yet, The neighborhood says our voice isn’t heard, nobody cares about us, we’ve complained our hearts out but nothing happens. 

We say it’s clear the county thinks our neighborhood is disposable. 


Industry says accidents happen, that is just the nature of the business. –Henry

Yet, The neighborhood says that you caused a fire which forced us to evacuate our homes, scared for our lives.

We say it is not an accident if it keeps happening. It’s not an accident that you’re not held liable for all the damage you cause. How many times do accidents happen before it starts to feel on purpose?