Residential Solar Panel Presentation


When? Saturday, January 28th, 10-11AM  OR   Sunday, January 29th, 12:30 – 1:30PM

Where:  CFET, 1729 Ferry Ave., Camden, NJ

Our presentation and discussion event is about educating the participants, by providing the most current and accurate information concerning the production of solar electricity from your home or business. We encourage questions and will provide answers about the details of solar generation, leasing and ownership.

We will cover the environmental, technical, legal, and financial aspects and impacts of solar energy production to New Jersey residents and business owners.

Come meet “Mr. Sun”, Augie Conte of Momentum Solar Co.. Augie is an environmentalist and was an esteemed panel speaker at the National Renewable Energy Conference in Washington D.C.

Mr. Conte is also certified in wind and geothermal energy production as well as his near 15 year experience in the field of solar energy.

Augie Conte is with Momentum Solar, a New Jersey company; it is the only solar company endorsed by the NJEA (New Jersey Education Association). Augie was part of a team as the only solar company invited to the Teachers Convention in Atlantic City 2016, to provide a booth with information to the attendees. Hundreds of teachers stopped by and the feedback was enthusiastically positive.

Momentum Solar is also the first and only company sanctioned by the NJAR, certified by the Department of Insurance and Banking, and the BPU (Board of Public Utilities) to give CEU credit courses to realtors in the state of NJ.

Augie is part of our certified real estate program to assist Brokers and agents in evaluating homes with solar for purchase and sale.

We are excited to bring this event to your community and look forward to meeting all of you very soon.

If anyone is interested in finding out if your home or business qualifies for a solar program,(statistically only 1 in 3 do) we invite you to bring along a copy of your electric bill or request an annual usage report on line from your utility company. Provide an email address and we will process the information and  have the results back in a day or two.