Earth Month Appeal

The time has come to prepare the gardens for this year’s growing season. That means clearing the growing surface of the winter’s debris, prepping the soil by turning it over, adding organic fertilizers, and then planting the seeds or seedlings from the greenhouse. It is a time of great promise at CFET as Earth begins its annual transformation from winter slumber. This is the perfect time for you to support our effort. April is our annual appeal month!!

We have great plans for this year.

To hire 8 Camden youth to work, covid-safe, in our gardens.

To recruit 20 neighbors to grow their own food in a raised bed

To have a Farmer’s Market for 16 weeks this year

To grow over 2400 pounds of produce for our neighbors

To advocate for clean air and water in our neighborhood

How can you help?

$200 enables a Camden youth to work on week at CFET

$200 enables a neighbor to get needed seeds, seedlings, training and support

$100 will enable us to subsidize the Market, and sell $100 worth of produce for $50

$200 will support the farming staff whose expertise is necessary to maximize the production of our gardens

$200 will support efforts to establish CFET as a trusted environmental justice advocate in Camden

 There is so much to be done in our neighborhood, with our children. We grow food, develop young people as farmers and leaders, advocate for clean air and water, work with our neighbors to make beautiful spaces for everyone to enjoy.  It demands resources. And there is so much more that we can do. We can expand our youth program, have more weeks of Farmer’s Markets, grow more food: it all demands resources.

This is our annual appeal for 2021. We will not be coming back to you in December as we have in the past. Make a donation to the work we do. Be part of a solution to hunger, employment scarcity for youth, and environmental justice.

Write a check to  CFET and send it to 1729 Ferry Ave., Camden, NJ 08104.

Visit our site here and make a donation through Paypal. Consider increasing your donation by 2.5% (the fee Paypal charges us) so that your entire donation may go towards our programming.

We have a Venmo account @Camden-CFET. The last four digits of the phone number are 3052.

You can also contribute on our Facebook page, which we hope you have liked!!

Any contribution will enable us to reach these goals. Let’s make this the best growing season ever!

I wish you a Happy Spring!

Mark Doorley, Ph,D.

Chair, Board of Trustees