CFET COVID-19 Response in Camden

COVID-19 Is A Challenge We Can Meet Together

As the pandemic sweeps the globe, CFET is poised to respond to critical needs in our community. We are sharing with you our action plan and asking for your support – everything you give directly increases the impact we can have for vulnerable families.

CFET’s COVID-19 Response Plan:

  • Expand our food production to contribute to local food security.
  • Provide seeds, seedlings, and produce free or at minimal cost to families in our community.
  • Hire young adults in the neighborhood who have completed our summer job training to grow food for our community
  • Many of these young people may now be the only income in their household, so we are providing essential economic stability for local families
  • Assistant farmers will additionally be given their own plot to raise food for their family

The extent to which we can provide food security and economic stability is wholly dependent on the level of financial support we receive to make these plans possible. Please consider how much you can contribute to this life-sustaining endeavor.

Some of us are quite blessed to have income still coming in, to have food on our tables, and to be safe and secure. This is the time to ensure that the most vulnerable among us have healthy food on their tables, especially the children of this “city invincible.”

Support us! Join your neighbors and fellow corporate citizens in providing the resources necessary to meet the challenge we face. When the history of this time is written, let’s be confident that it will note our generosity and creativity in responding to the needs of the most vulnerable.

Corporate sponsorships start at $3,000. Individual sponsorships start at $500.

We all need to do our “bit.”  What will your “bit” be?


The Board of Trustees

The Center for Environmental Transformation