2021 Annual Appeal

Earth Month

April 2021


Our Powers Combined


Just like fictional super heroes, when confronted with a great threat, we must each use our gifts to rise to the challenge. This April, CFET is taking the lead from Captain Planet, who reminds us that “With our powers combined, all things are possible.” We know the only way that we can make it through is if we combine our resources.  This year—in our community work, this 2021 Appeal, and our Earth Day Celebration on the 24th—CFET is celebrating this idea: that we must work together to realize our power. 


Last year, in the midst of a global threat, we grew over 2,400 pounds of produce, engaged 12 community members in growing their own food, and hired 8 youth to work in the gardens and run the farmer’s market. We created a space for our neighbors to voice their concerns about the quality of air in their neighborhood and are collaborating with them to advocate to our local government and polluting industries for a healthier environment. 


Join us in Our Quest to Do More. 


With our powers combined, we can grow more food, employ and educate more young people from Camden, extend the length of our Farmer’s market, support more community gardeners, and continue to engage a sustainable group of neighbors advocating for healthy air, water, and soil in their community.


Be a Super Hero!


$500.00 will EDUCATE and employ a young adult

$250.00 will ENGAGE the community in environmental justice

$100.00 will INSPIRE neighbors to grow their own food


Every donation helps. Larger contributions can galvanize the development of our programming and expand our capacity to serve, while smaller contributions support day-to-day operations.



Join us in this effort. Your contribution, when combined with others, will make a difference in Camden.


Three ways to make an impact today:



The power is yours.


Thank you in advance for your support. 


CFET Staff and Board of Trustees