November 2017

November 2017

We need you! There is no beating around the bush, as they say. CFET does amazing work in Camden City, but it cannot continue without your help. I imagine you will be receiving these kinds of appeals for the next six weeks, and it will be difficult to sort through what is worthy of your support. I’d like to tell you about what we do: in our gardens, with our youth and with the young people from outside Camden who spend some time with us! Our mission is about transformation: transformation of toxic land, transformation of Camden youth in terms of their confidence and skill, and transformation of hearts, all of us together. Support us so that we can continue this work. We really do need you!

WE NEED YOU to continue to cultivate chemical free fruit, vegetables and honey from our one acre of land in Waterfront South, Camden, NJ.

CFET Garden

WE NEED YOU to continue to offer well paying jobs to Camden’s young adults each year, jobs that also teach them skills that will last a life time.

Youth at CFET

WE NEED YOU to continue to host visitors from Villanova University, Penn State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Niagara University and La Salle University, among others. While with us they learn from Camden youth, become inspired to work for a most just society, and go home  as ambassadors of Camden, NJ, ready to share the “good news” about the “city invincible!”

Retreat Group at CFET

WE NEED YOU!!!!  Remember us on #GivingTuesday, November 28, 2017.  Also, remember to shop at Choose CFET as your charity and we will receive a percentage of the money you spend!!!


Mark Doorley, Ph.D.

President Emeritus

Board of Trustees

The Center for Environmental Transformation