Meet Rasheda Weaver, CFET Board Member

After joining the Board of Trustees for the Center for Environmental Transformation (CFET) last year I have become increasingly humbled yet motivated by the work our organization’s leaders, staff members, interns, and volunteers conduct. In effort to continue and advance our work I would like to use this newsletter post as an opportunity to connect with members of our community. By community I mean all supporters and stakeholders of CFET, as you are the people we aim to serve.

As Chair of our Program and Policy Committee, which spearheads our strategic plan, I have outlined two major goals that I would like CFET’s community to help me fulfill. The first goal is to identify strategies for expanding our services and programs in ways that meet the needs and strengthen our relationship with the community. Achieving this goal would help fulfill our mission to advance environmental development and sustainability.

The second goal is to create a culture around recording, evaluating, and disseminating information regarding our work to other communities. This effort is aimed at inspiring and advancing knowledge regarding social and environmental justice and healthy sources of fresh food. My hope is that CFET can be an inspiration to other community-based organizations and their residents in need of basic resources such as access to quality, healthy foods and a clean living environment.

Fulfilling these goals will allow CFET to advance environmental well-being and community development in ways that align with the needs of our stakeholders. You can help fulfill them by reaching out to me via email at or in person at an event, to discuss ideas of how you would like CFET’s services and programs to make a greater impact locally, regionally, and/or nationally.

Thank you for supporting CFET.


Rasheda L. Weaver