Meet Felicia Biles, CFET Board member

Growing up in Camden, we always had a flower garden.   So I enjoyed planting the Annuals every year and waiting for the Perennials to break through the soil.  My love and knowledge of planting and tending to a vegetable/ herb garden came from my daughter, Christina. In 2003 she was one of the helpers in the garden, with Andrea Ferich, who later became the farmer for the new Center for Environmental Transformation helper. She learned what to grow and when to grow it.   During that summer of 2003 my daughter would ask me to walk her to the Community Garden and show me how to water the crops.  She also let me know that whoever tends the garden is able to harvest the vegetables and herbs for their own use.  Andrea and her helpers planted iceberg and romaine of lettuce, cherry and plum tomatoes, green bell and hot peppers, collard greens, pole beans, potatoes, raspberries and other crops.  Christina also collected items for the compost pile and showed me how to turn it.  One Sunday we watered, weeded and harvested the garden and used the items for our dinner.   Christina helped me cook a spaghetti dinner.  We used the fresh basil and oregano in our gravy and made a tossed salad.  It was a great experience for both of us.  Since I have extra time this summer, I decided to plant romaine lettuce and tomatoes in my back yard.  To my surprise I am very successful!    It is to make these kinds of mother-child experiences possible for other parents and children in Camden that I joined the CFET board several years ago.  The work is important! Join us!