Change of Board Leadership at CFET

On January 1, 2016 the CFET board will transition to new leadership. Mark Doorley is stepping down from the board, though he has been elected as a Chairperson Emeritus, welcome to join the board for any and all board meetings.  However, the leadership of the board will pass to John Levy, who will serve as the board chairperson.  There will be two vice-chairs: Rosie Hally and Will Stehl.  Bill Harden will continue as Treasurer and Rasheda Weaver will serve as Secretary.

Doorley has served as board chair since the beginning, in August 2007, when CfET became a NJ non-profit.  He was part of the original group that emerged from the Sacred Heart Parish synod in October 2005 that spent months identifying a way in which to respond to the environmental challenge of our Waterfront South neighborhood.  So much has happened since that October day over 10 years ago.  “It has been a remarkable journey,” Doorley said recently. “I am very proud of what our team has accomplished, but humbled to have had a part to play in what CfET has become.”

Doorley is stepping down from an official role with the organization, but he hopes to show up for the monthly Work Day more frequently, to help with the retreats, and to help with specific fund-raising events.  Most importantly, though, he will continue to tell CfET’s story, to encourage more people to become collaborators and partners in the “great work” that is going on in our neighborhood.

The board congratulates Mark Doorley for the years of service he gave to CfET, and thanks him for his leadership, his persistence and his work ethic.