A Festival for All Ages

You have to come. Saturday, August 21, from 1-5PM in Liney Ditch Park, South Camden. Corner of 4th and Jasper Street. It will partly cloudy, a high of 88. Come hang out with your friend and neighbors at the first and annual With Our Powers Combined Festival.  Produced by ICreate Productions, Inc, with The Center for Environmental Transformation as the lead sponsor. The Campbell’s Soup Foundation is also a sponsor of this event. There will be music, spoken word, an open mike time for all you artists out there who have something to say. There will be food trucks, local Camden vendors, area non profits with tables to let you know what they are up to. There will be laser tag, everyone’s most enjoyable activity. There will be interactive educational sessions, for all ages, including food tastings, worm composting, regular composting, recycling, community gardening possibilities, and fresh produce for sale from CFET’s gardens.

Come talk to our young folks about what they are learning and growing at CFET. Join your neighbors in this end of August celebration, as we turn toward a new school year. Yes, COVID-19 is still with us, but we will be outdoors, in a very large park, spread out. Bring a mask with you, in case we have a crowd, which is our hope. I hope to see you there. Come up and find me. I’ll have my CFET t-shirt on, and will be walking around with a cowboy hat, of sorts, on.

Bring your family, bring a friend. Find out what the buzz is in South Camden, and what your neighbors are doing to grow and distribute fresh vegetables. Find out what’s happening with the air quality issues in the neighborhood and how you can get involved.

There will be give aways, and a raffle a composter, so you can start the process of turning your food waste into “golden fertilizer!!”

Visit our event page on Facebook and our website.

We still have space for tables, if you have a business or non-profit that you want to highlight. Contact me at president@cfet.org.

Happy Summer to all of you!


Mark Doorley

Chair, CFET Board of Trustees