2019 Earth Day Appeal

 Dear Friends and Supporters of CfET,

The Center for Environmental Transformation is committed to educating all people, children and adults, Camden residents and visitors to Camden, about the necessity, here and now, to be more responsible to our Earth. We must find ways to learn together, to change together, and to practice a more environmentally responsible way of living. Our mission is to engage, to inspire, and to commit to this most important challenge of our time.  But, to continue our work, we need your help.

The first arm of CfET is dedicated, through its programming for Camden-youth, to offer opportunities for Camden’s children and young adults to increase their knowledge of Earth and her bounty, their work related skills and confidence, their leadership and mentoring potential, and to highlight the possibilities that life has in store for them.

The second arm of CfET is equally important. At CfET, when we work with high school and college students, we offer them an opportunity to experience Camden in a new way, with new eyes, with new understanding. In ten years we have worked with over 1000 college students who always report that their experience has opened their eyes to the goodness of Camden and her people and to their own understanding and desire to become change agents when they return to their studies and their communities. We are facilitating a ripple effect of energy for Earth and for each other.

We cannot do this work without the support of people like you. Our youth programming, our experiential learning programs, and our social entrepreneurial projects rest on the proposition that providing hands-on experience in the soil, air, and water of Camden sets in motion a transformation of perspective and of hope. We witness small miracles every day when children’s eyes are bursting with excitement at preparing a new vegetable or learning about praying mantis’ role in chemical-free pest control; when a college student returns to MIT and adds public policy to her engineering program because she has seen the need for change; even better, when that same college student brings another group back to CfET to experience our work and our community again and to renew her commitment to working for change.

Will you join us in this Great Work of Transformation?

 Write a check to The Center for Environmental Transformation. Send it to the address at the bottom of this letter. Or, visit our website at www.cfet.org to donate online. Your contribution is completely tax- deductible. Help us continue to do this wonderful work we’ve been doing since 2007.


Center for Environmental Transformation Board of Trustees

John Levy – Chair

Rose  Alemi  –  Vice-Chair

Erika Schellinger – Vice-Chair

John Catalano – Treasurer

Rosie Hally

Monsignor Michael Doyle

Francine Grabowski

Cathy Nevins

Sharine Eliza

Lisa Brandinelli Quanci

Mark Doorley-President Emeritus