Camden City Public Works

101 Newton Ave, Camden, NJ 08103

(P) (856) 757-7139
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Camden County Board of Social Service

600 Market St, Camden, NJ 08101

(P) (856) 225-8800
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Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority (CCMUA)

1645 Ferry Ave, Camden, NJ 08104

(P) (856) 541-3700
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CAMDEN SLAG PLANT :Lehigh Cement Company

595 Morgan St
Camden, NJ 08104
Sales: 800-437-7762
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600 Morgan St, Camden, NJ 08104

(P) (856) 966-7174
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Department of Environmental Protection

If you see anything that may be questionable coming from local industry please make a report to
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Eastern Metal Recycling (EMR)

1500 S 6th St, Camden, NJ 08104

(6th Street) location
(856) 969-8908

Main office:
(856) 583-1830
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Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

1101 S Front St, Camden, NJ 08103

(p) (856) 966-7600
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Hon. Shaneka Boucher, Council Member

phone: (856) 757-7120
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Is the odor bad today? Are trucks coming down residential streets? Do you hear loud booms or explosions in the neighborhood?  Here is a list of important numbers that you may need. This is by no means the only numbers and this page will continue to grow. If you have any organizations that you believe need to be on this list, please contact