Whether you’re looking for a few extra seedlings to round out your personal garden or are simply in need of presents for the holidays, our environmentally responsible products are a great purchase. Best of all, every dollar spent in our store directly supports our programs in Camden!

Kapow! Hot Sauce

CFET Hot Sauce


Vegetable Seedlings

Here at CFET, we grow chemical-free seedlings in our very spacious greenhouse and we’d love to share them with you!

Check us out on Face Book for when our spring seedlings will be available.

All proceeds from seedling sales get put back into our farm education programs.

Rain Barrels

An unpainted rain barrel

In coalition with Camden SMART,  CFET builds rain barrels to help divert water from Camden’s overburdened, combined sewage system.

Camden’s sewer system is over 100 years old and is operating at only a 40% capacity given its condition. It handles 80 million gallons of waste a day from the toilets of the 500,000 households in Camden County. This system, already strained with daily sewage levels, cannot handle the additional water storms bring, thus the sewers often overflow into people’s homes. It is an act of solidarity and justice to capture rainwater from downspouts and divert it into gardens and other permeable surfaces so that it does not add to the stress of an aging infrastructure.

We sell completed barrels for $75 and plain barrels for $15. Please e-mail farmer@cfet.org if you are interested in purchasing a barrel.


...Thanks be to God

It’s a Terrible Day: Thanks be to God – Fr. Michael Doyle

Published in 2005, this book is a small collection of the many monthly letters written by one of CFET’s founding visionaries, the Irish priest and natural-born poet Father Michael Doyle.  Through a mixture of prose and poetry, these letters provide a glimpse at one man’s extraordinary experience in the city of Camden.

Copies of the book are available within the US for $23.50, shipping included.  International orders may incur additional shipping charges.  Please contact us at info@cfet.org to place your order.

May you who read this live in a world in which it is easier for people to be good and fair and generous.  May your work be more creative than ours and your time less pressured…”


Poet of Poverty

Poet of Poverty - Narrated by Martin Sheen
© Green Room Productions
Total run time: 52 minutes

Based on the monthly letters of Father Michael Doyle, Poet of Poverty is a documentary of sorts that pairs visual expression with the words of a poet laureate.  Many of the scenes referenced in his letters are shown in the film, giving viewers a basic understanding of Doyle’s four decades of life and work in Camden.  Exploring themes of hope, injustice, dedication, and faith, Poet of Poverty is a great introduction to understanding Camden and those who strive to create a brighter future.

Copies of the DVD are available within the US for $22, shipping included.  International orders may incur additional shipping charges.  Please contact us at info@cfet.org to place your order.



Screened locally, our shirts are printed on American Apparel cotton and are available in sizes ranging from XS – XL.  Funds raised from our shirts directly support three separate Camden entities:

1) CFET’s Youth Programs
2) Camden Printworks, a local business
3) UrbanPromise, one of our many community partners

T-shirts are available within the US for $23, shipping included, or at $20 for local pick-up.  International orders may incur additional shipping charges.  Please contact us at info@cfet.org to place your order.



Sweet and simple – stickers sporting our logo and location run $1 a piece or at $7 for 10.  Please contact us at info@cfet.org to place an order.