We Need Your Help in the Liney Ditch Garden

Over the summer, soil scientists from the NRCS USDA visited our garden sites in order to test our soil for toxic contaminants. Arsenic treated wood was found bordering our garden beds in Liney Ditch Park. To prevent a potential contamination issue, CFET decided to remove the suspect wood. The wood removal process proved very labor intensive and took us three months to complete with the help of numerous volunteers. Now that the fist stage of the project is complete, it is time to build a new garden! And this is where you come in, our supporters. We will need volunteers and funds to outfit the new garden with 28 raised beds, a pollinator garden, composting bins and seating benches. Please make a donation towards the purchase of construction materials or choose to sponsor a raised bed. The completion of this project is extremely important to our efforts as the Liney Ditch Park Garden serves as CFET’s main location for carrying out educational gardening programming. Contact Dean at farmer@cfet.org or 856-365-8111 to find out how you can help. Thank you!