Environmental Education

Environmental Education Working Group Resource List

This Resource List serves to provide the City of Camden’s educators with an outlet with which they can incorporate the concepts of sustainability and environment-based instruction into their classrooms. Members of the Environmental Education Working Group (a subset of the Camden Collaborative) offer an array of services that include lesson plans, hands-on activities, field trips, and grant opportunities. Art and science instructors alike can use this resource list to incorporate “green” concepts into classroom routines and procedures.

The Tool Shed

This website is a resource provided by Rooted in Community (RIC) to facilitate lesson, program, and resource sharing.  Here, you can search for that perfect food justice lesson for your group or submit a stellar one that you’ve just created.  This is a great site to post what gives you inspiration and guidance and check out where others get

pdf Curriculum for Camden Teachers (Gardening & EJ)

This is a guide for teachers to develop a year-long set of sessions based on creating a schoolyard garden and better understanding environmental justice.

Food System Diagram

This image provides a well designed look at the four primary parts of a food system.

pdf  Greenhouse Gas Diagram

A visual breakdown of five key greenhouse gasses and their sources

Friends & Partners



 Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart Church

 FoodCorpsStateLogo-NJ-1 copy LOGO-A-GOGO Camden SMART
 New Jersey Tree Foundation
Rooted in Community
 Greensgrow Farms 
Green Faith
 Heart of Camden Camden Children's Garden cherryhill




Useful Links

pdf  Energy Savers

An introductory guide to conserving energy both at home and on the road.  The guide, complied by Energy.gov focuses on the financial incentives associated with reduced energy usage.

The Cornucopia Institute

A resource for family farmers, consumers and other stakeholders to better understand available sources of local, organic and authentic foods.

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers

A community-based organization fighting for fair wages, workers’ rights, and equitable housing in Florida, one of the USA’s most important agricultural states.

Living on Earth

A resource for environmental issues throughout the world: pod casts and additional links to further resources.