Cleaner Air: The Environmental Impacts Of Gas Lawn Mowers

Lawnmower article (2.2020)

By Matt Jonas

Sonora, California

Whether you are a householder who does some work in his/her yard, a landscaper who uses a lawn mower or a trader who sells farm products and devices, welcome to our article. This article is particularly for you; it will provide you with some important facts about the future impacts of gas lawn mowers on the natural environment and human health. Besides, from your opinion, is California right to ban these type of mowers? And are there any alternatives?

Did you know that gas mowers represent 5% of U.S. air pollution? We have the evidence: To mow lawns, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency statistics, Americans use 800 million gallons of gas yearly, thus this produces tons of emissions that heavily pollute the air. These harmful emissions, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide, cause really hazardous side effects on human health. For example, while carbon monoxide can replace oxygen in the bloodstream and thus aggravates heart disease, nitrogen oxide raises the harm to the central nervous system, especially for children.

Many environmental experts reported that once the mowers of gas engines are operated, they get out toxic exhaust emissions that pump carbon dioxide into the air which, in turn, contributes to global warming that causes climate change and rising in the average temperature of the climate system of Earth all over the world*. In addition to that, these gas mowers do not only cause air pollution, but also they make extremely high noise pollution resulting from the internal combustion happening inside their engines. And as known, this environmental noise pollution can cause hearing loss, sleep disturbances, or any other negative and harmful effects in the long term. So, here, you are advised to wear noise-cancelling headphones when mowing your lawn to reduce the ambient sounds and the background noise.

That makes it worthy to mention what the famous American writer, James Fallows, stated about gas powered equipment in his article Get Off My Lawn: “It is vastly dirtier and less fuel-efficient, because by design it sloshes together a mixture of gasoline and oil in the combustion chamber and then spews out as much as one-third of that fuel as an unburned aerosol”

Such dangerous facts about gas powered mowers deserve getting rid of these devices. As a result, the third-largest state in the U.S., California has banned these mowers throughout all parts of the state. To clarify more, according to EPA statistics, 33 gasoline lawn mowers would produce as much pollution a car produces all year. In other words, volatile organic compound emissions getting out from a two-stroke engine are on average 124 times higher than from a truck or a car. Thus, to reduce such harmful emissions in the state, gas lawn mowers such as Lawn-Boy 10732 are banned.

Most, if not all, environmental specialists do not recommend using gas mowers under no condition. Consequently, you are advised to use zero emission tools such as hand push, electric mowers, battery mowers, solar mowers or reel mowers as they do not emit carbon dioxide and recommended for environmental use.

Finally, while most environmentalists consider all the mowers types as harmful, there are still relatively environmentally friendly gas mowers that do not produce as much emission. Yes, still there are many options available for gas lawn tools that offer you freedom and flexibility when mowing. The best gas mowers are offered by many brands such as Troy-Bilt, Bosch, John Deere, Einhell, Honda, and Husqvarna, etc.