November 2017

November 2017 We need you! There is no beating around the bush, as they say. CFET does amazing work in … Read more →

October 2017

I was on retreat this past Saturday, at Sacred Heart Church, listening to Tom Roberts, Editor-At-Large of the National Catholic … Read more →

September 2017

The photographs and videos that have come out of the Carribbean and Florida have been heart wrenching. The destruction of … Read more →

August 2017

This month’s newsletter is a bit late.  I was on a family vacation, in northern Arizona, during the time you … Read more →

July 2017 Reflection

Sitting on the beach, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean last week, the question arose: Where do the waves start?  … Read more →

June 2017 Reflection

Eileen and Cathy Nevins   Eileen Byrne Borland CFET lost one of its greatest champions on Friday, June 9, 2017.  … Read more →

May 2017 Reflection

On April 29th of this year CFET sponsored a bus to take people to the People’s Climate March in Washington, … Read more →

April 2017 Reflection

Greetings on this beautiful Easter Tuesday! It is amazing to watch the tender plants respond so eagerly to the warmth … Read more →